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Care of It All

CloudPress Complete is our full-service website management. We take care of the hosting and upkeep of your website.

CloudPress Complete

We’ve got everything. We even take care of content updates. You need a new product or employee added to your site, we will take care of it. You need an update to our homepage, we’ve got that too. CloudPress Complete is hosting and content management.

Annual Plan


Year Paid In Full at Purchase

Monthly Plan


Cancel At Anytime

Unlimited Content Updates
When you need to make updates to your website content, you let us know and we take care of it. Nothing else you need to do. Your website will stay up to date and you don’t need to worry about learning something new. We take care of everything.

**Each Update will happen within 24hrs and does not include design changes to your website.

Award-Winning Flywheel Hosting
We’ve got you on the best hosting plan we offer. Secure with a free SSL and pack to the brim with performance. Your visitors will love how quickly it loads and the stability and reliability will give you peace of mind.
Discounted Design Work
As a CloudPress Complete customer, you get access to our sister company BurchDesigns at a discounted rate. Are you ready for a website design overhaul or launching a new website? BurchDesigns will get you a quote you can’t beat.
BurchCloud Help Your Get Live Quick!
What Makes BurchCloud Different?
We focus on successful sites for small and medium businesses. Our teams and support help you get your website live fast and easy!

Wordpress Only Hosting

Being focused on a single content management platform helps our system run more efficiently which provides your website speed and stability.

Commitment to Security

Our many security features keep your data and website safe. It is a worry-free website experience for you and your company.

One Stop Shop

BurchCloud and BurchDesigns under the same roof creates a partnership that will help your brand look great and your company stay efficient.

You've Got a Partner

We don’t succeed if you don’t’ succeed. Our dedicated team is here to help you not only get your site up and running, but we stick around to keep you moving.
Why WordPress?
Because anyone should be able to build an online presence. WordPress is not only easy to learn, it’s also a trusted, secure, and ever-improving platform that caters to both beginners and experienced experts. Whatever your web goals, WordPress offers the tools, support, and resources to make them a reality.
Pick from Thousands
of Themes

Whether you want to keep it simple or go big, there is a theme for that! With so many options you can find the one that fits you perfectly. Or have BurchDesigns build you a custom website.

Plugin for Everything
A plugin is an add-on for your WordPress site – a piece of software that enables new features and functionality. Want to add a store or enhance your SEO? There is a plugin for that.
Huge Community

Not only are there millions of people using WordPress to manage their site, but they are also very helpful in helping you be successful. is a great place to start, but the community can be found all around the web.